No Contracts…No False Promises, Just Dynamic Results!


No Contracts…No False Promises, Just Dynamic Results!

My passion is to compel your potential clients to

“Engage and Take Action!”

my question to you is really simple…

Are you looking for a content writer to create fluff pieces on your website so it looks good for SEO purposes?



Wayne Marlton

“Wayne Marlton is the Founder of Copywritedynamite.co.uk…A dynamic & unique service that offers crafting compelling sales letters, emails and website content to your audience that ensures your company message stands out with complete passion, persuasion and power!

Having spent 15 years trailblazing and developing businesses in the Health & Fitness, Financial and Security worlds, Wayne is now maximising his diverse experience to deliver an exceptional Copywriting Service.

After many years honing his craft, Wayne left the world of a well-paid but soulless employed job and never looked back! Within less than 6 months of making this decision, he had created a Successful Business by strategically helping his clients entice new customers to their business through the immense power of the written word!”

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Wayne is a wordsmith wonder. He gets the results he promises and his copywriting skills are incredible!

– Amanda Frolich – Business Owner

I have been working with Wayne since Christmas and my sales for my programmes have been fabulous – we hit our end of march targets before end of Feb – so I am super pleased.

Wayne is really professional and totally got me and my brand, he has produced super content for me, rebranded my website and developed a number of landing pages for campaigns, and I am delighted with the results, I would highly recommend him. Thanks, Wayne!

Toni Eastwood – Quantum Vantage

Wayne is a talented copywriter and takes great care in his work. He supports me with my projects and he is very talented at making copy come to life. Highly recommended.

Mark Stephen Pooler – The Global Profile Builder 

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Excellent work for our business at Salesagents.uk.  Highly recommended for all types of copywriting!

Stephen Craine – Salesagent.uk

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“Having Wayne copywrite my work fills me with huge assurance. He makes the work I do EVEN BETTER.

He made it his priority to understand my Vision, Mission, Values and Clients. He has worked on my copy for marketing campaigns, built my landing page and proof and copied my ebooks and website.

I love what he does, his commitment and working with Wayne is easy, he is a true pleasure and delight – HIGHLY recommend his copywriting services.”

Kelly Forrester – Resilience & Growth Leader

“Wayne is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend. Wayne always captures the right tone and message. Wayne is very knowledgable in the art of copywriting and business operations. Tremendous value!

– Kolin Simon– CEO of Pursue Networking

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Wayne is a excellent copywriter , He is really creative, His ideas are almost better then mine ( almost ) jokes aside I highly recommend Wayne’s services , he goes above and beyond for his clients an ensures that your needs as a Business are met .

Don’t keep him too busy because I’ll definitely be using his services again for future campaigns.

From the on site family thank you Wayne

Mohamed Mohamud – MD

It’s an absolute pleasure working with Wayne, he is a true professional & get’s my message.

The Copy is on point, and he makes the time available to get to know me & goes the extra mile to make sure I am happy with the work he delivers as a Copywriter & Marketer.

I have worked with other Copywriters & Marketers before, but never had such a pleasant experience. 

Wayne, get’s me & what I do, which makes it easy for me to be happy with the content he writes for my Sales Funnel, Website & Blog.

– Dario Cucci – CEO


Copywriting Done Right


Website Copy That Converts


Dynamic Email Campaigns


Social Media Managing


Phenomenal Sales Pages


Powerful Copywrite Coaching


Sales Funnel Creating

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“Wayne approached me via LinkedIn and provided me with some of his work.

He proved himself an exceptional strategic thinker. Within a few exchanges, he demonstrated how he could help us consistently win new clients and also keep them.

He was more than true to his word throughout our sales campaign. He was an asset to our business and would happily recommend his Copywriting and Business Services to any Organisation.”

– Brigitta Darida – Sales & Marketing Director

“Wayne is an authentic consummate professional – a master of his craft. To this end, I have no hesitation in recommending him to others.”

– Marc  Jarrett – MD of EMjay Consultancy LTD

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I sincerely hope you find value within my blogs… My wish is to provide thought-provoking and empowering pieces with perhaps the occasional humour and gentle sarcasm thrown in!

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“To me, copywriting is an art & Wayne sure is a fine artist! His ability to deliver compelling & effective ‘Call to Actions’ for our range of services, is so highly regarded by us. If you’re unable to succinctly communicate the value of your offerings to your ideal clients, by using emotive language, which directs them to buy, or at least investigate further, then I’d suggest you bring Wayne into the equation!

– Martin Miller – Business Owner

“I would highly recommend Wayne Marlton for his creativity and ability to work closely with others to develop copywriting solutions.  He always shows a great level of support to ensure I achieve my goals

– Curtis Fryer – Founder of FiveHubs

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“Wayne is a professional, and a delight to work with. He’s very approachable and really good at what he does. I would have no hesitation with working Wayne again in the future when the opportunity arises.

– Akeel Hassan – Executive Coach

“Wayne is an amazingly skilled copywriter & a marketing expert who just gets it.

Wayne created a social media strategy after one conversation that literally, as he says turned words into wealth!’ His social media strategy enabled me to connect with customers who required my services and it’s helped me secure some really good contracts .

Thank you wayne and I look forward to working with you on our next marketing campaign

– Jamila Mohamud – On Site Sparkle

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