I saw my very first Christmas tree today in the shops…

That depressing but delightful sign that Summer is over but the bright lights of Christmas are soon to be upon us…

It got me looking at all of the signs in the shops trying to entice their customers to buy this and purchase that…I always find it interesting to see how the big corporates do it compared to the small independent businesses. Not saying any are right or wrong, each serves a purpose!

The big chains of this world tend to always be price focused…competing against all of the other giants in their market of who has the best deal for basically the same product.

The smaller ones tend to have their own unique ways to create custom!

On my way home from the shops earlier there were two pubs either side of the road…one side was a big chain…”2 meals for £12!!” on a large billboard.

The other side was a privately owned quirky little pub, and had a propped up small blackboard with chalked up invitation “Come and join us for an awkward socially distanced pint!”

I just loved the humour and popped in and greeted with a warm welcome reception in a vibrant place of refreshment, the manager told me he’s been in business over 30 years and always used “The elephant in the room” as a fun way to bring new people in and it’s always worked for him!

How do you bring your future clients to your website, your services, your Business? Does your brand use a specific language where people instantly recognise your voice? Do you focus on price, on humour, on expertise? There’s no right or wrong… But it’s certainly worth having a think about your approach and whether it empowers your Business!

Perhaps think about the last 5 pieces of content you put out there and see if you notice a common theme. No matter how small. Then be aware of what they are moving forward and work to your strengths!