4 Things to KEEP doing for your Business

by Sep 15, 2020Uncategorized

I had an interesting conversation today with one of my old mentors about getting into Business…

One of the things I find fascinating is the journey from making the shift from Employment to Self Employed/Freelancer/Business Owner where inevitably you have to rely on your own Business for your income. It’s no longer a side hustle.

There are many stories I could share regarding funny failures (not funny at the time but on reflection actually hilarious!) and also amazing results when least expected…

After speaking with so many different Businesses over the years and regardless of how diverse the industry is, there always appears to be similar patterns to the ones who have gone out there, done it and achieved what, to them, success looks like.

1. Genuinely putting yourself in your customers shoes, knowing what their struggles are and ultimately a simple question…does your product or service help them, like really help make their lives easier and better?

2. Recognising that it’s graft! Let’s be real, the hundreds of gurus out there who tell you “how easy it is to make 6-figures per year” are not necessarily wrong if you have the right mindset…but it certainly isn’t an overnight process. It requires a level of consistency especially at the beginning, where you don’t see a huge return. Even when you do start to see a return…instead of booking that Worldwide Cruise… Its disciplining yourself to reinvest and make your business stronger.

3. Continuing to learn… The conversation I had with my mentor for example, a Multi-Millionaire who still invests in a Business Coach! His Business coach says to him (a good angle I think) “If I don’t increase your profits by more than what I charge you, you shouldn’t hire me!” Guess what… He gets paid every month because of the value he brings.

4. Consistently pitching. Even, actually scrap that…ESPECIALLY when you have too many clients! Why? You can be more selective about who you work with, about how much your services are worth and actually be in control of your business and not running around chasing your tail!

Keep thinking of your customer, put in the consistent graft, keep learning and keep pitching!




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