Are You An Unseen Expert?

by Sep 7, 2020Uncategorized

‘As a Copywriter, I am so fortunate to really get behind the scenes of so many fantastic businesses. To really capture the essence of their vision and the incredible work which goes into making them a success.

The biggest frustration many of them have (and to be fair the reason I have a Business!) is that they put SO much effort into showing their expertise. Through their content, their blogs, and social media, podcasts, any avenue they can possibly reach out to potential clients with. Yet the conversion for these clients even reading all of this amazing material is at an all-time low.


Why? Many may claim “It’s just the way of the world” or “we are in an information overload society.” True. But that isn’t an excuse you hear from people whose products and services are selling like hotcakes!

Dare I say it, even Businesses who might not have the same level of expertise others have are still out there winning! So what is within your control to up your conversions?!


Simple as that! Your Headline!

If your Headline isn’t engaging, persuasive, interesting, or arouses the curiosity of the reader…you could be the worlds leading authority in your industry but if you don’t start with a powerful headline to promote your service, that is OVER 80% of your future clients who are already “onto the next!”

80% That is HUGE!

Don’t even get me started on the Sub-Headline… That’s for another time!!




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